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Trocas Shell buttons Trochus Shell Buttons

Natural white Trocas Shell buttons Trochus Shell Buttons wholesale

Button Details

The shell buttons in the below picture is made by natuarl trocas sea shell material. If the back is not specially processed, the back color of trochus Shell Buttons is with little red or green. The available sizes are 14L/16L/18L, which are suitalbe for shirts. The thickness and styles can be custom as your request.

Trocas Shell buttons Trochus Shell Buttons

The trocas shell material is as below:

Trocas Shell buttons Trochus Shell ButtonsTrocas Shell buttons Trochus Shell Buttons

Generally speaking, if you want white buttons, the trocas/trochus shell buttons and white MOP buttons are good choice for you. The trochas are iridescent but they have kind of a uniform, yellower appearance to them. Good white mop is whiter and has a more irregular appearance. The trochas shell buttons are more expensive than the black mop shell. Specifically the double white finish trochas shell buttons.

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