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french mother of pearl buttons bulk

french mother of pearl buttons bulk


1) Material : natural pearl shell

2) Design: many different shapes and designs for your choice, and Laser logo is available

3) Color: natural coffee color, and many can be customed to match your color

4) Size: many size available

french mother of pearl buttons bulk


Black mother of pearl Shell Buttons


Natural Seashells, Wild or Cultured

Material Types

Black Mother of Pearl (MOP)

Buttons Styles

Holes, Self-shank, Brass eyelets, Laser logos

Production Process

Selecting, Embryo Extracting, Grinding, Perforating, Bleaching, Gloss, Quality Control And Packaging


Standard Sizes are 10L to 44L.


1.5mm to 4.5mm thick; self-shank trocas or white MOP shell buttons, the thickness may reach 7.0mm thick;


Round, Heart, Triangle, Five-Stars, Flowers, Oval, Rectangular, Hexagonal, Teardrop, Half Moon; Custom-made;

Colors Finish

Natural, White (W/W, S/W), Black, Yellow, Blue, Green And Smoke; DTM Or Spraying


0hole, 1hole, 2holes, 3holes, 4holes; for bigger sizes, 6holes or 9holes; holes may be round or square;

Special Features

Of Natural Luster, Natural Shining, Environmental and Friendly;

Advantage of MW

Custom-made R & D, Faster Sampling, Quantity and Quality Ensured, Effective Communication

Buttons Types

>Black /Black lip MOP (Mother of Pearl) Shell Buttons (Tahiti); 
>Brown MOP (Mother of Pearl) Shell Buttons;
>White / White lip (Yellow/Gold) MOP (Mother of Pearl) Shell Buttons

Packaging Details

1. PE bags; shell buttons are packed in PE bags and put into smaller paper boxes;

2. Smaller Paper boxes; 8 smaller boxes will be packed into one carton boxes;

3. Harder Carton boxes. Their size is 34cm*37cm*21cm which will pack about 20kg heavy goods;

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