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The introduction of common shell buttons

Shell buttons commonly use the materials include black mother of pearl shell, white mother of pearl shell,trocas shell, abalone shell, agoya shell,etc. Now, let me introduce these shell buttons for you.

White Mother of Pearl Shell

White mother of pearl buttons(MOP) are the most advanced shell buttons. They have smooth and shiny texture, which other varieties of shell buttons do not have, and as such, they are precious as gems. White MOP buttons has always been used in the dial Rolex watches and other senior decorations. Because of rare production, the price of white mother of pearl buttons are particularly expensive, just used in the Italian classical style senior shirts and a handful of high-end products, which show its very elegant texture.

Black Mother of Pearl Shell 

Black mother of pearl buttons are made by large grain South Seas black mother of pearl shell, which is a kind of brilliant luster shell, and can emit dark silver. South Seas black mother of pearl shell is widely used in advanced crafts and decorations, buttons are shining with beautiful and pretty silver color. They are most suitable for the shirts cardigan and jackets of Women.

Trocas Shell

Trocas shell been used to make white shell buttons since ancient times, even though the vast majority of the apparel industry used buttons are made by trocas shell. They have red gloss,durable feature, and affordable price, so they are used by most clothing manufacturers.

Brown Mother of Pearl Shell 

Brown Mother of Pearl shell is grown in tropical and subtropical regions, its biggest feature is the red gloss, reflected from the delicate saucer texture. Because of its natural texture shine, they are most suitable for types of women’s casual apparel and apparel goods. Especially with the white clothing will become more beautiful and lovely.

Abalone Shell 

Abalone shell material is superior sea treasures, and used for buttons since ancient times. Abalone shell buttons have the unique zigzag shapes, and are making multi-directional reflectance, which look as beautiful buttons from every direction. The natural reflection of the Hong champagne color, from gray blue sheen to bring out one kind of cool, fully mapped out the feel of a natural material.

Agoya Shell

Agoya shell buttons are basically made by the Japanese cultured mother of pearl, which is the world’s great agoya shell. It is characterized by its nacre curl toward the center, its luster and texture is extremely thin and slightly curved delicate natural features. Agoya shell buttons are suitable for crafts and women’s apparel goods, which have especially significant natural and elegant feel.

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