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white mother of pearl buttons are used in the visit clothing of China First Lady

Some weeks ago, the “first lady” Peng Liyuan debut in Moscow began with Xi Jinping, almost overnight, “exceptional” apparel and custom apparel brand become a network of popular search terms, and even their supplier of buttons “Yanhong horn buttons” is also become the focus of the network. From the news of sale department in Yanhong button, the natural horn buttons have rose 378% in last some weeks, which are becoming the latest love of clothing factory.

white shell buttons cloth

Meanwhile, Yanhong button also provide a small detail, in addition to natural horn buttons, another natural shell buttons also quietly became popular, sales have greatly improved , an increase of 217%. Only later, we did find some of the details, the original Peng Liyuan’s visit some clothing, the most likely use of this natural white mother of pearl buttons, garment factory and designer seems really “fire eye of Venus.”

australian mother of pearl buttons wholesale

For this case, the garment industry relevant marketing said: With the increase in people’s incomes, people are demanding more clothes, such as custom clothing, high-end apparel sales is also growing, while “green” concept has gained, whether it is fashion designer, or clothing to consumers, they are very passionate about natural products in recent years, like shell buttons, wooden buttons, horn buttons and other natural buttons.

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